About Cicaf

The 9th CICAF 2013 was made up of 46 events, including exhibitions, forums, competitions and other activities. It attracted guests from 68 countries and regions, with 472 companies and 1.23 million visitors participating. The festival saw contracts signed on nearly 171 projects, involving on-site turnover of 13.62 billion RMB (USD 2.13 billion).
The Cartoon Masterpiece Auction received 600 works from more than 40 countries and regions with sales of 14.2 million RMB (USD 2.3 million). The final of the Cosplay Super Show, which included winners from 16 domestic sub-contest areas and, for the first time, overseas sub-contest areas in Japan, Denmark and Thailand, featured more than 1,000 professional participants.
Through its nine years’ of development, CICAF has attracted an enviable list of participants of the highest pedigree, including Walt Disney Studio, DreamWorks, Pixar Animation Studio, Publisher Shueisha, ‘Angry Birds’ Studio Rovio from Finland, Weta from New Zealand, among others.

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