The International Animation Game & Business Conference (IABC)

The International Animation Game & Business Conference (IABC)

The IABC 2016 will take the concept of ‘Interactive Entertainment’ as its theme. The content will have three major strands: Trading, Licensing and Co-operation. There will be at least 20 events held across its three-day schedule, including business conferences, fairs, exhibitions, interactive forums and other events. The venue will also provide all the necessary support services, such as administration and legal advice, to the participants in order to create a perfect business cooperation platform designed to facilitate the exchange of information, experience and, of course, trading. 

In order to conform to pan-entertainment industry blend trends and grasp the up-to-date industry focus, this year’s IABC will bring together companies involved in television, film, game, new media and other industries in the B2B trading category for the first time. Focusing on the creative frontier, the aim is to bring traditional industry into line with current trends, creating opportunities for cross boundary collision and communication between the animation/game and financial industries. 

The IABC has updated its O2O system this year, and can now implement online commercial reservations. In addition, the IABC also provides an IP supermarket, commercial exhibitions, interactive tools and other support mechanisms in order to eliminate industry barriers and facilitate communication. This will offer a better service experience to the participants on-site and help finalize business deals.

iABC List

IP、VR Industry Interactive Communication Conference

With the help of strong drive in IP and VR industries, companies can understand the trends inside the industry and needs for resources, therefore strategic cooperation plans between companies can be achieved faster.

Cartoon & Animation IP Licensing Fair

With the idea of building a national authoritative industry development service platform, with the support of focus from government, based on professional standard, we build a bridge of “authorization+deal+share” and invite animation, comic, investment, authorization, e-commerce, traditional production, sales and other companies to attend this meeting. We discuss, negotiate and make new orientation for cooperation.

Animation & Game Outsourcing Conference

To meet the needs of excessive entertainment industry development, this conference uses the significant aggregation effect of commercial conference and the model of outsourcing and insourcing to build a co-work platform for all parties. We wish to contribute to the prosperity and sustainable development in animation production industry.

Special Session of Toon Boom Animation Inc.--a world famous Canadian Animation Company

Toon Boom is a professional animation software company from Canada. This company produces various animation programs, meeting the need of different animation makers. Toon Boom is invited to attend Animation Festival and introduce its products and services to many animation companies.

Film TV & Game IP Licensing Fair

Using movie, TV and game hot figures, based on platform effect of national animation and comic business meeting, we accelerate the speed of hot figures authorization and cooperation with traditional industries, promote multi-development of movie, TV and game industries and provide better service for interactive entertainment industry chains.

Letv Special Session

LeTV Animation and Comic Special Promotion Conference