iABC List

Animation Film Promotion Meeting

Content: Which quality animated films will enter the market in 2017? What bright points and new measures will the companies introduce? How will the companies promote the animated films? The activity will be participated by 20 new animated films, 30 authoritative media units, 30 children’s channels, 100 cinemas and film management companies. The heads of animated film promotion and distribution companies will uncover the secrets with you!

Animation Film Pitch & Catch

Content: Do you want to know what animated films be like in the next two years? Do you want to know what quality animated films are ready for production? You may have quality animated film projects, and yet run short of matched funds and resources. You may have abundant funds and resources, and yet cannot find reliable animated film projects. You may love animation and films, and yet unable to find out like-minded partners. Now, you will attend the event with 100 representatives of companies for film investment, production, promotion and distribution. You will participate in selection and evaluation of quality projects, judge project investment risks, give advice to potential animated film projects, and carry out negotiation for investment cooperation.

Opening Party

Content: We have made elaborate preparations for a welcome banquet for the guests. While enjoying delicious food and music, you may have good communication and negotiations with industry colleagues, to seek potential cooperative partners. Before the dinner party starts, we will release quality animation projects of various types, as warm-up of the banquet.

Cartoon, Animation & Game Creative Projects Pitch & Catch

Content: The activity is sponsored by the executive committee of China International Cartoon & Animation Festival, and undertaken by Innovation China, Zheshang Media (Zheshang journal). It is designed to provide young professionals with an opportunity to present their innovative ideas and specialty accomplishments, in response to the government’s call for mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Business mentors and professional investors for cultural creativity will be invited to evaluate the projects and offer guides on market-based operations on the scene.

Buyers Club & New Animation Promotion Meeting

Content: The activity is held to enhance exchanges between the buyers. It will also warm up the animation trade fair on April 26 and 27. The buyer club is set up in this commerce conference. Four to five elaborately chosen animation projects will be released on the spot, to unveil animation purchase for 2017.

Boss Alliance

Content: This is a private session for business executives. Leaders of the film and television, animation, game and investment sectors will be invited. It will create opportunities for participants to make exchanges and cooperation, and further promote industrial cooperation. Companies may recommend themselves and participate in it after examination and approval.