Hangzhou Animation Shines Brilliantly on "Asia Rainbow TV Awards"

2019-02-02 14:35:02

The 4th Asia Rainbow TV Awards ceremony was held on the evening of January 12. A total of three awards were conferred for the animation category, which were the best animated film award, the excellent animated film director award, and the excellent animation image design award. Hangzhou animation works won two awards. Three Rabbits, an original work of Hangzhou A.U Cultural Creativity Co., Ltd. and Rainbow Chicks, an original work of Hangzhou Thunder Animation Co., Ltd. were conferred with the “excellent animation image design award” and the “excellent animated film director award” respectively.

Three Rabbits tells the story of three rabbits, Tiao Tiao, Mian Fei and Shuai Er, who live in a harsh condition. They have different personalities and philosophies of life. But they work tirelessly for life, putting on hilarious and unexpected comic stories. Rainbow Chicks has inherited the new ink painting style of Chinese classical culture, warm and healing. By telling stories about the daily lives of the chicks in Yundao, it gives many enlightening lessons for children to socialize independently and popular with preschoolers.