2017Gwangju ACE Fair

2017-12-13 15:32:46

Hosted by South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Gwangju City, shenzhen hui gen exhibition planning co., LTD., to undertake, 2017 the 13th (South Korea) gwangju international cultural creative industry exhibition in September 21 and 24, 2017 international conference and exhibition centre was held in South Korea, Kim dae-jung.


Gwangju ACE Fair since 2006, the series events including media, image, games, AR/VR and education


Gwangju ACE Fair not only attracted South Korea local companies, such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, KBS N Channel and other media, and also attracted, the Chinese CCTV Animation, Asahi TV from Japan, Italian Mondo TV, Malaysia MDeC, singing sound culture, Yantai advertising base in China and Hungary Holografika 3d technology production enterprises to participate in, which some international companies. Gwangju ACE Fair is not only a world expo culture industry related businesses together, and each organ culture, education organisation of an international exchange platform.


Gwangju ACE Fair provided one-on-one trade type of negotiation for overseas buyers and exhibitors."Teamed up together, Realise win-win" purport for overseas investors as well, it is a channel to understand and learn Korean development of culture industry; For domestic related enterprises, it is a great business opportunities overseas market.


Hangzhou Animation and Game Association with MEGAMEDIA which represent China International Animation Festival to participate in this fair, let us go for there!


Business Talk

Hangzhou Animation and Game Association and MEGAMEDIA as a represent with Yoohoomedia ATV, Australia, Poland and Hungary Onet, Indonesia Onevision communicated more than 20 international purchasers, highlights the Chinese commercial conference iABC international animation festival and the international cartoon games, the scene through the MEGAMEDIA platform show Chinese animation companies create excellent animation work, later will send a list to keep in touch. In addition, also invite overseas buyers, animation companies to participate in next year's comic-con and iABC, welcome to participate in next year's animation vc, copyright trade, show the links such as communication, to promote the domestic and foreign enterprises to better communication and learning.IABC next year will be held in the "area" theme screening and a series of related activities, you will see more outstanding works and the overseas enterprise!



1 buy 1 business negotiation, we visited the exhibition participants from South Korea and Chinese enterprises on market research, understand the demand of overseas animation market and international cooperation experience. From the works to the surrounding, from brochures to animation, video, learning and understanding comprehensively of overseas animation enterprise development concept and marketing methods. Collect information industry, for next year's iABC accumulate experience, and update market information.


Grasping the future market trend and the latest policy, study abroad excellent animation production mode and experience, better for domestic enterprises with overseas market information, promote domestic excellent cartoon works of "going out".