2017-12-13 15:33:38

Hungary as the center of the Renaissance, was born the petofi, liszt, and many other artists, here is the palace of art, the creature with his pursuit of art and love...Believe that for most Chinese, must be not heard the name of the cage KaiMei.In fact you go and ask the europeans, estimates that most people don't know where is this place.When we came to the first day just 20 minutes after also shocked the town, here is the eighth largest city of Hungary.We are accustomed to the Chinese city of noisy and busy, and here you can experience the serenity and full of artistic breath slow lives in eastern Europe.


Recently, cage KaiMei is enjoying the 13th cage KaiMei animation festival and the 10th European best animated feature film and television animation series selection section, animation artists together in Europe!


The odd KaiMei animation festival (KAFF) by competition, screening units, international screening and miss four parts and the composition of a BBS, an art exhibition.Animation festival is the main field in the centre of the town of youth culture and with a history of more than half a century is only a piece of the cinema screen.These two places will screen nearly 300 animation works, art and visual feast for you."In cage KaiMei a day and a half hours, we grasp all opportunities as much as possible to watch the screening work, most of the animation section constantly running back and forth between two projection location.Luckily town is very small, really need not long journey ~"


At the opening ceremony, four old folk artists show folk performances, and constantly in Musical Instruments, very entertaining;Then the Hungarian officials and cage KaiMei, on behalf of the speech delivered a speech.




Art rich KAFF competition includes animation, animation series and special animation three parts, including animated feature contains a widely attention of the first step in international ghibli work "red sea turtle" seven animation film;In European countries and most animated series is already, and critically acclaimed works of 22.You may have questions, how often dozens or even hundreds of sets of animated series screening?Participants will story series is relatively independent, or the most wonderful episode of clips, compression for a 5-10 minutes of video, screening of works are mostly low age audience or with the authors strong personal art colour, instead of the conventional classification according to age.Special animation is the author's artistic personality is more intense, mostly experimental, through clay, paper cutting, splash-ink or is all made of the box shape creature world, etc., various forms to make the animation works, there are 8 different forms, the concept of submissions.International eventOriental martial art is very popularThe KAFF international screening unit is invited to Australia, Iran, Israel, the work of the five non-european countries such as screening.China international cartoon festival as KAFF years brought five partners in the pioneering works of different themes, conform to the festival atmosphere.Screening, cinemas, brought together many young audience, all site staff and the audience loved WengJie China academy of fine arts teachers to make full of Oriental charm and unique QingJi sides doll animation "the snow was based", "assassin NieYing niang prequel", one of the staff dedicated to find us, excitedly said, didn't expect China's valiant and assassins can also and the Japanese samurai and ninja so cool!


The KAFF most let us moved or miss unit, this unit shows, Jiri Brdecka (1917-1982) and Fjodor Hitruk (1917-2012), two Hungarian animator's masterpiece.Both born in the same year the master, the creation peak are concentrated in the 70 s to 1950 s, in the second world war had just ended, the haze of the cold war era, under the two masters could create so very imaginative and creative works, let a person dare not believe to be the work of half a century ago.Come to watch the audience is a lot of young people and children, look very focused, I wonder if these great works resonates in their heart.



Fjodor Hitruk (1917-2012), one of the works of the masters, by changing the line to form characters and story, strong color of collision, stream-of-consciousness narrative, in pursuit of the beauty of the animation image as the highest goal of the characteristics of their works.



Jiri Brdecka (1917-1982), the works of the masters, the picture is extremely rich imagination, most topics are around anti-war, love and freedom, the balance between all things.The story is very powerful and unconstrained style and interesting.Early Disney style, a lot of ideas on the now still is great!



Mr Chairman during the animation festival, KAFF Ferenc Mikulas and we met, from 2002, Mr Mikulas KAFF chairman, under the guidance of his animation festival has developed rapidly, the scale expansion.During the talks, Mr Mikulas about his for KAFF exploration in the artistic value of persistence, also said Hungary and Europe need to stick to your own idea.



Mr Mikulas has repeatedly come to Hangzhou to attend China international cartoon & Animation Festival. He also sharply pointed out the Chinese animation while rapid development, has obtained the proud achievement, but there were a lot of pitchman lost their mind, pay more attention to the marketing. Hungary in the rapid economic development also has a lot of artists in pursuit of commercial value, but in the smooth, rich people life, return to the nature of art.Through from CICAF works this year, he learned some Chinese young director, students work has a high artistic value;China's population base large talent resources is rich, life level is increasing day by day, he felt that China has come to this turning point, must be able to quickly create world-class classic.In addition, Mr Mikulas also said it would use MEGAMEDIA platform to upload some good have certain commercial value, and conforms to the Chinese taste, let the Chinese audience and pitchman feel the charm of Hungary's works.