Core Forum

2020-09-26 22:02:59

The Core Forum of this year's China International Cartoon & Animation Industry Summit Forum is jointly hosted by CICAF Executive Committee and CCTV-2, China Media Group. Focusing on animation industry and new consumption, the forum is to create core financial column "Dialogue" themed "Animation, One More Possibility". Industry giants from Tencent, NetEase, Kuaikan Comics, Xmov etc. gather to discuss the hottest topics and phenomenon such as artificial intelligence, LEGO China and cosplay.
Theme: Remain True to the Animation Journey Ahead
Time: 14:30—17:30, Sep 29, 2020
Venue: Ballroom, Jianguo Hotel


HU Zhipeng
Vice President of NetEase
CEO of Thunder Fire Group, NetEase Games

HU Zhipeng is the Chief Game Engine Scientist of NetEase, and also a famous video game producer, obtaining many successful phenomenal video games in China, including A Chinese Ghost Story, Ghost Mobile, Justice, Love is Justice, and Meteor Sword. He is renowned for his expertise in integrating the essence of Chinese traditional culture with cutting-edge technology of game development, and his innovations utilizing game engine technologies. Currently, Thunder Fire is the biggest video game studio in China.

HOU Xiaonan
President of China Literature Limited
Vice President of Tencent Platform and Content Group

Mr. HOU holds various management positions for Tencent business including Tencent Open Platform, YingYongBao, Tencent WeStart, Qingteng University and Penguin Media Content Platform. He accumulated rich management experience in product operation, business model innovation and ecological cooperation.

CHEN An’ni
Founder and CEO, Kuaikan Comics;
Comic Book Writer;
Vice President, Guangzhou Animation Artists Association;
Celebrity on Sina Weibo

Founded by CHEN in 2014, Kuaikan Comics is one of China’s most popular original comics’ platforms in China. By July of 2019, the app has over 200 million users and 40 million monthly active users, and is ranked first among Chinese comics apps according to big data service provider QuestMobile. Chen also won lots of comic awards nationwide.

XIONG Chengyu
Professor, Doctoral Supervisor of Tsinghua University
Foreign Academician of Academia Europaea of Sciences in Interdisciplinary Strategic Research

Professor XIONG led the establishment of the Communication Department and involved in the set up of the School of Journalism & Communication of Tsinghua University. He has been a member of the Tsinghua Academic Committee, the Director of the Academic Committee of the School of Journalism & Communication, and the Director of the New Media Communication Research Center.
He is also a member of the National Strategic Emerging Industry Expert Committee, member of the National Internet Development and Management Expert Committee, and Director of the National Cultural Industry Research Center.

WU Jianrong
Secretary of CPC Committee and Board Chairman of Zhejiang Zhongnan Holding Group Co. Ltd, Vice President of China Animation Society; Executive President of China Cultural Chamber of Commerce for the Private Sector; Executive President of Zhejiang Animation Industry Association.

Founded by WU in 1984, Zhejiang Zhongnan Holding Group has become a group enterprise dominating two core industries, engineering construction and cultural creativity, and has been ranked among the top 500 private enterprises in China for the last 22 consecutive years. In 2003, WU founded Zhejiang Zoland Animation. For 17 years, under the guidance of WU, Zoland Animation has developed its 22 original intellectual properties, 58 titles, and 160,000 minutes of animation content such as the Magic Eye series, Magic Wonderland, Rubi, Zheng He’s Voyages to the West Seas, etc.  Among them, a number of outstanding animations won more than 200 domestic and international awards, including China National Spiritual Civilization Construction Awards of "Five-Top" Project.  Zoland Animation has been awarded the "China National Key Cultural Export Enterprise" for 14 consecutive years, "National Top 10 Most Influential National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base" in the field of animation, the only key high-tech enterprise in the industry, and the only national key animation enterprise.

CHAI Jinxiang
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University;
Tenured Professor in TAMU;

Dr. Chai is a world-class expert in fields of Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, and Intelligent Interaction. He has published 19 papers in SIGGRAPH (a top academic annual conference on computer graphics),and served as the Member of SIGGRAPH's program committee for several times, as well as President of 2013 World Computer Animation Conference (SCA 2013) . In 2017, Dr. Chai founded Xmov, devoted to using the leading AI Technology to empower the new ecology of Digital Human + X. Xmov was founded by the world's top AI, Computer graphics and Robotics researchers, and its core technology team is from the world's top AI Research Institutions Carnegie Mellon, Microsoft Research, TAMU, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc.

Bella WEI
General Manager/Partner of Sparkly Key Animation Studio 

Bella is the producer of the animated film The Legend of Qin. As the first 3D Swordsmen-themed animation series in China, the 175-episode series: The Legend of Qin has received over 15 billion VOD since it landed on CCTV1 in 2007. It wins more than 220 professional awards at home and abroad, including Starlight Award of China Radio & TV Awards, The Magnolia Award, and Golden Monkey King Awards, etc. with the commercial derivative and market value exceeds 2 billion. Furthermore, The Land Of Warriors has received over 20 billion VOD, which ranks the top popularity of the Tecent Video. Production works: The Legend of Qin series, War Epic, The Era of Wugeng, The Land Of Warriors, Legend of Exorcism, Swallowed Star, Revelation, etc.

Wolf LIU
Founder of Mortise and Tenon Brand - "Wanfeng Bookstore"
Researcher of Ancient Architectural Mortise and Innovative Art

Born in Shanxi, the hometown of Chinese ancient architecture, LIU founded the Wanfeng Mortise Art Research Center in 2012, and a large mortise art workshop in Hangzhou later in 2016. Ever since graduating from China Academy of Art with a master's degree in traditional art in 2019, LIU has long been devoted to research on the innovation of mortise and tenon culture, and its application in traditional Chinese architecture. His goal is to inherit and innovate Chinese mortise and tenon art. Works: series of mortise blocks of Chinese ancient architecture, innovative products of Chinese ancient architecture, which have won multiple national and provincial cultural awards.

CHEN Weihong
CCTV-2, China Media Group