2020-09-26 22:31:11

“C.A.K.E. TALK” is a major highlight of the 16th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival Summit Forum series, and is also a featured brand we newly launched in 2017, for which we take the initialism of four words "Creative, Animation, Knowledge, Exchange" as "C.A.K.E". The 16th CICAF "C.A.K.E. TALK" will be held for 3 days (September 28--30), at The First World Hotel Hangzhou and White Horse Lake Jianguo Hotel. It contains sub-forms like “Master”, “Yong”, “Panel” and “Live”, with different perspective of discussion. It is also an exhibition of innovative ideas collisions among professionals with contents around animated films, series, games, cartoon, derivatives, academy, painting, design, publication, marketing and other new topics of pan-entertainment industry. Let’s see how to explore the ACG industry more under the post pandemic period.

We hope to build a cross-border communication platform for all the participants of pan-entertainment industries. Via annual regular activities, "C.A.K.E TALK” will bring together professionals willing to share experience, to break discipline barriers, to introduce achievements, to open up public vision, and to create a real atmosphere of communication.

Behind a successful project, there is an unknown story, a team under adaptation and constant overthrowing and rebuilding of inspiration and attempt. In this activity, we will invite experts with great experience and sharing spirit in the industry to analyze problems that may occur amid the development of ACG project and share their insight into some industrial phenomena, based on the practical, feasible, multiple and successful cases in which they took part.

Time: 09:30—12:30, Sep 30, 2020
Venue: Zurich Hall, The First World Hotel Hangzhou
How does an excellent ACG Project Come into Being?
--- Industry Professional Technology Sharing Session

Director of Toon Boom China Training Center at Toon Boom China
Themed Sharing: How to develop animation with Toon Boom software?

About this sharing: To learn about Toon Boom through product introduction of Harmony and Storyboard Pro. Some animation production, on-site presentation of its artistic effect, 3D and 2D combined animation performance as well as release of some local training related courses will be presented during this sharing.

Guests Introduction:
Tim Giovanni, as an animation project designer, is actively engaged in traditional and digital animation and has a rich working experience in animation projects for games, ads, films around the globe since 1997. He underwent training from artists of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pierre DeCelles (Hanna Barbera / Kushner-Locke) and now is working as a senior animator at quality animation studio, Crashdown Studio. Tim Giovanni has undertaken more than 300 animation projects which contribute to his rich experience in over 200-min digital animation, 3D animation and different types of traditional hand-drawing animation.

About Toon Boom:
Toon Boom is a paperless animation production system developer in Canada and is regarded as the model enterprise of 2D animation and storyboarding software industries. IP production systems of Harmony, Storyborad Pro and Producer under the umbrella of Toon Boom are now popularly applied among global major animation companies. Clients include Walt Disney Animation Studios, DreamWorks Animation, 20th Century Fox Animation, Universal Picture, Warner Bros. Animation, Nelvana Studio, Shanghai Animation Film Studio and other international major animation, film and television companies. In April 2019, Toon Boom China was officially established in the name of "Toon Boom China" to provide domestic animation creators with better local training and technology support services.


Art Director of Hangzhou DRock-ART Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Themed Sharing: Unreal Engine & Knights on Debris
About this sharing: Behind-the-scene production of Knights on Debris series and something learned from the production.
Guests Introduction:
Art Director of original sci-fi animation, Knights on Debris, and Co-partner of Hangzhou DRock-ART Network Technology Co., Ltd. Zhang has been engaged for years in concept design, 3D modeling, motion capture, unreal engine etc.
Besides, he worked as a team leader of DRock-ART to participate in more than a hundred of game, animation, films and television dramas projects from home and abroad and also served as a lecturer of concept design, cultivating many talents for ACG industry. In Knights on Debris project, he is mainly responsible for full-process quality control and optimization. Based on his excellent and unique production, Zhang received wide recognition and attention in and out of the industry.
About DRock-ART:
Hangzhou Heiyan Network Technology Co., Ltd (D.Rock-Art) was founded in 2013 and is a comprehensive digital entertainment company with high level technology and focus on film, game and art production services and animation IP R&D. By gathering a large number of digital artists, outstanding directors, producers and screenwriters, D.Rock-Art finally forms a great line-up for senior digital art production and IP development. As a domestic top and professional film, game and art supplier, DRock-ART helps game, film and television companies to customize project style, set up prophase standards for design and development, realize limitless digital art production and provide our partners with a true, valuable and creative design. Digital art education and training (2D/3D/UE4 Engine) and IP R&D are also parts of the business. Now the major clients and partners include Netease Games, Perfect World, IGG, Jedi Games, Shanda Games, ChangYou, Youzu.com, Tencent Penguin Film, Alibaba Cloud, Cainiao Logistics and other well-known game companies. Games projects participated in comprises mobile games, online games, console games, TV games, 3D cartoon, CG promotional videos, advertising films and online films. Knights on Debris, an original 3D sci-fi animation of D.Rock-Art, is a joint development with Shanghai Tencent Penguin Film Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Being awarded as S+ Animation and the First Recommended Animation in 2020 by Tencent Video, Knights on Debris is the core part of release set in the independently developed "Boundary Apocalypse" which is first sci-fi IP with multi-story lines in the country.


Doctor, Paris Institute of Technology;
AI Expert at NetEase Fuxi Lab

Dr. Yu Ding has been focusing on the research and application of the intelligent virtual human for 10 years and has published more than 20 academic papers. He served as a program committee member for the ACM International Conferences on Intelligent Virtual Agents (2018-2020) and on Multimodal Interaction (2020),the organizing chair (2017), area chair (2018), and industry chair (2019-2020) for the IEEE International Conference on Computer and Education. He received the 2020 Xiamen contribution award of the National Popularization of Science.
Currently, he is an Artificial Intelligence Expert in Netease Fuxi AI Lab where he leads a Virtual Human team. He has been responsible for researching and developing the FUXI-Lab IP Animation Editing Platform for virtual humans. This platform has received the 2019 Synced Machine Intelligence Award and is recognized as one of 30 Most Innovative AI Solutions and also it has been awarded the First Prize of 2019-2020 Global AI Art Competition in China. The related work has been accepted by the 2020 Game Developers Conference (GDC). He has created virtual tutors for two online education applications, called “CodeCombat” for children learning programming and “funny reading” for children learning the Chinese language.