C.A.K.E TALK Panel

2020-09-26 22:46:27

“C.A.K.E. TALK” is a major highlight of the 16th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival Summit Forum series, and is also a featured brand we newly launched in 2017, for which we take the initialism of four words "Creative, Animation, Knowledge, Exchange" as "C.A.K.E". The 16th CICAF "C.A.K.E. TALK" will be held for 3 days (September 28--30), at The First World Hotel Hangzhou and White Horse Lake Jianguo Hotel. It contains sub-forms like “Master”, “Yong”, “Panel” and “Live”, with different perspective of discussion. It is also an exhibition of innovative ideas collisions among professionals with contents around animated films, series, games, cartoon, derivatives, academy, painting, design, publication, marketing and other new topics of pan-entertainment industry. Let’s see how to explore the ACG industry more under the post pandemic period.

We hope to build a cross-border communication platform for all the participants of pan-entertainment industries. Via annual regular activities, "C.A.K.E TALK” will bring together professionals willing to share experience, to break discipline barriers, to introduce achievements, to open up public vision, and to create a real atmosphere of communication.

1. Time: 14:30—17:30, Sep 30, 2020
2. Venue: Ballroom A, Jianguo Hotel
3. Form: Lecture+ Discussion+ Q&A
4. Theme: New Challenges & Opportunities: Sino-EU Animation In Post Pandemic Era

Moderator:LÜ Shikun
Founder of Freinet Education China; Educator

Shikun Lü has lived in France for many years and worked in famous international animated film festivals such as Annecy in France. He introduced the Freinet pedagogy in China, and founded Freinet Education Centre, China Freinet Association. He also engaged in children education, pedagogy and picture book research. At the same time, he also teaches at Zhejiang University, teaching cinematographic and audiovisual script writing.

Nicolas NEMIRI
French Comics Artist, Original Painting Concept Designer

Nicolas Nemri is a member of Superani Studio and a Kodansha Comics Artist who has published Je suis Morte series, Hyper l'hippo, Annie Zoo and many other comic books in Delcourt, France. He also drew the story board for animated film Iron Man and was the art designer of the movie Un soupçon d'innocence. He is also the concept designer for Dragon Age, Visual Empire, and IDEOMOTOR.

ZHENG Tianyou
Belgian Comics Artist, Story Board Designer

Tianyou ZHENG is the illustrator of the comic book Bienvenue en Chine. He is also the story board designer for the animated films “Rock Dog”, “Extinct"‎, "100% Wolf", "Over The Moon" andthe animated TV series "P. King Duckling".

Producer, Deputy General Manager and Deputy Director of Shanghai Animation Film Studio

Jack Wang is the producer of dozens of animated TV series, animated short films, animated movies, including the French animated TV series "Yakari", “Les contes du cimetière”, the French animated movies "U", "Peur(s) du noir", "Zarafa", the French animated short film "Mademoiselle Kiki et les Montparnos"‎ which won the best animated short film award at the César Awards 2014 in France. He has served as a Chinese market consultant for the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France. In Shanghai Animation Film Studio, he also worked on animated movies such as "Inspector Black Cat" and "Big Ear Tutu".

French Comic Book Writer, Head of the French Library “l’Arbre du Voyageur”

Yohan Radomski worked at la Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l’image of Angoulême, writing comic book scripts for youth journals. At the same time, he was interested in traditional Chinese culture, studying Xingyi Quan, Tai chi, and Qigong. He is now the head of the French library “l’Arbre du Voyageur” of the French Embassy in China. He wrote the comic book La Danse Macabre with the French illustrator Yann Taillefer and La Cité des Chiens with the Polish illustrator Jakub Rebelka. He also collaborated with the French publishing house “la Cerise” to direct and facilitate the publication and distribution of a number of Chinese comic books in France, including Au Pays du Cerf Blanc by Li Zhiwu, Quand mon âme vagabonde en ces anciens royaumes by Dai Dunbang, and Souvenirs de Hulan He by Hou Guoliang.

French Cartoonist, Sculptor, Creator of “Totem Coluche”, French Order of Arts and Letters
Member of the International Cartoonist Organization, Cartooning for Peace

Kristian is a recipient of the French Order of Arts and Letters and a member of the International Cartoonist Organization, Cartooning for Peace. His cartoons of humor and actuality were published in French newspapers and televisions. He is also a columnist for Japanese daily Shincho, and the official cartoonist for the Cannes Film Festival, the 1998 World Cup and the COP 21. He co-founded the TV show la semaine de Kristian with France 3 television for more than three decades. He is also a float designer for the Nice Carnival. He also designed a sculpture, the Coluche Totem, on the 30th anniversary of the death of the French humorist. His works are exhibited around the world and are in the collections of museums such as the Antibes Peynet Museum and the Museum of Contemporary History in Paris, etc.