China International Cartoon & Animation Festival global promotion Beijing stop

2017-12-13 15:35:35

It was not the season of dense smog yet. Beijing in September, an early autumn month, was warm and dry, ideal for traveling and play. This year, the organizing committee of China International Cartoon & Animation Festival took Beijing as the first stop in its global promotion campaign. On September 13, it held a salon around the theme of “focusing on overseas market, deepening international cooperation” in the Cloud Ladder Classroom of Hotel MoMc in Beijing.


In addition to inviting corporate guests with rich experience in international animation cooperation, the organizing committee also invited Ms. Xiao Qi from the political office of the Embassy of Czech in China, who represented cultural counsellor Judovit Katuscak to be present at the site; Ms. Li Min, chief financial officer of CCTV Animation Co., Ltd.; Liu Changzhen, member of the executive committee of Hangzhou Committee of the Communist Party of China Publicity Department, and deputy director of China International Cartoon & Animation Festival Office; Shen Bin, director of the China International Cartoon & Animation Festival Office Exhibition Department; as well as over 50 representatives from 39 animation companies, platform runners and third party service companies in Beijing.


Each year, the organizing committee of China International Cartoon & Animation Festival will hold landing activities in over 10 cities at home and abroad, to build a platform for free exchanges and business cooperation for the mass of animation companies, and help promote Chinese animation worldwide, through hosting theme salons and road shows, or visiting animation festival guests in the form of taking part in exhibitions.


In the first place, Mr. Liu Changzhen delivered a welcome speech for the activity. He briefed the guests the results of this year's animation festival, and pointed out that Hangzhou cultural creative industry has rich resources and strong development momentum, making up over 22 percent of the city’s GDP. It has made excellent achievements in international cooperation and overseas promotion.


In 2016, Hangzhou animation and game enterprises achieved 6.21 billion yuan operating receipt, an increase of 14% over the previous year. Internationally renowned enterprises including Marvel Comics, Google, Japanese Shueisha, and French Darguard, have been in deep cooperation with Hangzhou businesses, reaching nearly two billion yuan contracts for international trade and cooperation. According to incomplete statistics, Hangzhou animation and game products have been promoted to 92 countries and regions around the world.


Megamedia deputy general manager Yu Hongqing gave a detailed introduction to the highlights and results of this year's International Animation Game & Business Conference (iABC). He also explained, with demo video, how China International Animation Trade Network, as an “online trading platform that never ends”, provided a series of services for the mass of animation enterprises, and helped Chinese animation companies seek multi-faceted cooperation opportunities at home and abroad. A lot of animation companies came over to consult after the event.


The Media Pioneers assisted the British Children’s Media Conference (CMC) to organize 11 British famous animation companies, including BBC KIDS, Eone and Hoho, to attend this year’s China International Cartoon & Animation Festival. In the past few months, what sparks have been wiped out by the Chinese and British animation companies? The Media Pioneers chairwoman Maggie said that this time, the British companies had harvested a lot in the animation festival. Many projects were in further negotiation, involving IP authorization and cooperation development. Next year, British companies will continue to participate in the festival as a group. It was disclosed that the second season of an animated film of Hoho will be co-produced and jointly released with a Chinese company.


Wan Tong Interactive Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. COO Chen Manman introduced its experience in international IP cooperation as a children and family entertainment international IP production, operation and promotion company.


1. Bring Chinese stories to the whole world. Stories less influenced by cultural backgrounds are easier to enter the international market. Cooperate with excellent domestic writers and illustrators to adapt their works into animated films. Cooperate with domestic publishing houses to develop excellent animation IP at home and abroad.


2. Cite the example of Slugterra an animated film in cooperation with DHX. Add Chinese elements to foreign stories to let the Chinese excellent culture go global.


MIPCOM China representative Ms. Zhao Xiaohui has taken part in China International Cartoon & Animation Festival each year since 2006. She has a deep feeling for the development of the animation festival. She has more than 10 years of experience in organizing Chinese animation film and television companies to attend MIPCOM. She is very aware of the development of the overseas film and television market and the needs of enterprises both at home and abroad. At the scene, she introduced the MIPCOM and MIPJUNIOR, to be held in Cannes, France in October this year, and welcomed Chinese animation companies to participate in them. Ms. Zhao also introduced the first MIPCHINA International Film and Television Content Summit Forum, held in Hangzhou in May this year.