Enjoy Animation Greet 2021
Ringing out the Old and Ringing in the New

2021-01-06 09:22:07

"Animate our city, Animate our lives" . Last week, a special animation event themed with “Greeting 2021 with Animation” kicked off with the newly-introduced Animation Corner, Animation Classrooms, animation elements commonly seen in Hangzhou, “City of Animation”, and other fruitful activities. These activities were warmly welcomed by students from Central Primary School of Fuwen Township in Chun'an County, dubbed as the most beautiful rural primary school.

Animation Classrooms encourage children to dream
The ACG (anime, comics, and games) industry of Hangzhou has been working to lead animation into rural areas and campuses. To respond to the "Greeting 2021 with Animation" event, organizations and companies donated comic books and painting tools and established Hangzhou-style Animation Classrooms in the Central Primary School of Fuwen Township. Donors included Hangzhou ACG Industry Development Center, Hangzhou Animation, Comic & Game Association, Zhejiang Zoland Animation, Hangzhou AU Culture & Technologies, Hangzhou Sparkly Key Information Technology, Hangzhou Younuo Animation, Hangzhou Thunder Animation, Hangzhou COLYYO Cultural Creativity, and Miya Company.



At the opening ceremony, Niu Jun, Deputy Director of the Publicity Department of CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committeeand Secretary-general of the Executive Committee Office of China International Cartoon and Animation Festival (CICAF), awarded "Animation Classrooms" to the Central Primary School of Fuwen Township. From then on, the animation will be woven into students' campus life.

"Children love animations. Art education promotes imagination and creativity, and develop a better ability to appreciate beauty." said Jiang Weiying, President of the Central Primary School of Fuwen Township, "Children are born to pursue truth, kindness, and beauty, and education is to encourage them to continue and help them grow up healthily."

Animation Classrooms are warmly welcomed

Famous cartoonist 19Van taught students how to draw cartoon animals during the event. He also introduced pop art and refreshed kids' understanding of graffiti. "Graffiti with harmonious colors and composition are great for inspiring children's creativity."


19Van drew a circle on a piece of paper, asking children what they want to get from it. “I want to have a panda!” said a girl. A few minutes later, a smiling giant panda holding bamboos appeared.
"A cat!" "A bear!" "Alice!" Students came up with many surprisingly interesting ideas. As suggested by a little girl, 19Van even turned a square into a cartoon representation of Mona Lisa, a famous work of Leonardo da Vinci.
A lecture, Why Are Animated Films Beautiful, was held by Dr. Yang Chenxi from the China Academy of Art held. He, who taught children for the first time, was amazed by the lively classroom atmosphere. To welcome the upcoming Year of the Ox. , Tong Xinliang and Fang Zhicheng from Chun'an County Artists Association taught students how to draw oxen. Zhejiang Zoland Animation, a famous Hangzhou-based animation company, brought VR courses to the school. Children lined up waiting to try a VR application, which simulated an environment under the sea. With a VR headset, they can "visit" the underwater world and "play" with virtual marine animals.

Animation classrooms will find their way into some urban public cultural areas such as Hangzhou Library and NetEase Snail Library.

Screening and exchange of excellent short films
With the theme of "Enjoy Animation and celebrate 2021", this event is organized by Hangzhou ACG Industry Development Center and undertaken by Hangzhou Film and Television Association and Hangzhou Animation, Comic & Game Association. On the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention and control, from January 1 to February 10, 2021, several thematic activities including free animation watching, screening and exchange of short films, animation classrooms and animation interactive experience will be carried out in cinemas, cultural homes of communities, rural cultural halls and some urban characteristic cultural areas.
Short films that have won the "Golden Monkey King Awards" 2020 will also be screened and discussed.
The "Golden Monkey King Awards" is a prestigious event to select excellent original animation works with high quality and taste. It aims to encourage more talented people in the animation industry and has become the most professional, prestigious and influential animation event, enjoying the reputation of the "greatest honor of Chinese animation".
At the 16th CICAF held this fall, a total of 819 original animation works were submitted from 19 countries and regions. In the final round, 31 selected from 89 finalists were awarded the Golden Monkey King Awards. In addition, the "Greeting 2021 with Animation" event also includes a series of animation short film screening and exchange activities with the themes of "Animation Meeting Traditional Culture" and "Animation Makes Life Better", which are designed for disseminating animation culture.

Pay tribute to Chinese Animation Classics

Animated films produced by Shanghai Animation Film Studio, such as The Monkey King: Havoc in Heaven, Nezha Conquers the Dragon King, Lotus Lantern, and Monkey King Conquers the Demon, have stunned generations of Chinese people during their growth as ever-lasting classics. During the "Greeting 2021 with Animation • Animation Film Week", the screening of restored Chinese animation classics produced by Shanghai Animation Film Studio will take place in selected cinemas in Hangzhou, bringing back good memories of Chinese animation classics for the viewers. This is also the first time that these restored Chinese animation classics have been screened in Hangzhou.
During the activity, the animated films The Loveliest Man that reproduces the history of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, and the Little Pobaby and Big Champion to be officially released on January 1 in cinemas; the The Monkey King: Uproar in Heaven and Little Door Gods will be displayed in community cultural centers and rural cultural halls.