The Output Value of Hangzhou's ACG (Anime, Comic, and Games) Industry Exceeding 30 Billion Yuan in 2021!

2022-03-16 12:00:00

In 2021, Hangzhou set a goal of building itself into the "capital of animation" in China and creating a "never-ending ACG festival", used the China International Cartoon and Animation Festival (CICAF) as a platform, and aimed to incubate and introduce well-recognized experts and enterprises and produce masterworks. The city has upheld innovation while following the right path, striven for excellence, achieved rapid and steady industrial development, held brand screening festivals, constantly released top-quality works, achieved 32.85 billion yuan of output value in its ACG industry, up 26.9% year on year, surpassing 30 billion yuan for the first time, and marking new leapfrog progress in the growth rate of the industry.

The performance of Hangzhou's ACG industry in 2021

Promoting production through exhibitions

The 17th CICAF

 More than 20 activities were launched, 1,646 one-to-one talks were held, and the worth of contracts signed on the site was 480 million yuan;

56 countries and regions, 335 Chinese and foreign enterprises and institutions, 4,031 exhibitors, buyers and professionals, and 13 million visitors participated in the festival online and offline;

129 mainstream media agencies, and 465 journalists from 64 new media agencies made news coverage about the festival. Relevant topics gained over 440 million views.

The 2021 Cloud ACG Industry Trade Fair

The fair attracted 5,981 businesspersons from 46 countries and regions, and 20 international animation festivals and exhibitions and overseas animation organizations took part in;

965 one-to-one online talks were held, and more than 80 projects were launched, involving nearly two billion yuan.


The 2021 MIP China (Hangzhou) attracted 359 film and television companies from 35 countries and regions;

4,095 one-to-one talks were held, 826 cooperation intentions were reached, and all indicators hit a new record high compared with those of 2020, effectively promoting international exchanges and cooperation in film, television and animation.

32.85 billion yuan

In 2021, the total output value of Hangzhou's ACG industry reached 32.85 billion yuan, an increase of 26.9% year on year, annual tax paid reached 1.065 billion yuan, and overseas sales of games reached 9.929 billion yuan; 

3,947 episodes of animations were produced, with a total length of 28,473 minutes, and 344,000 minutes of animations were aired on platforms such as television and the Internet; 

94 comic works were released and 234,600 copies were issued; 

8 animated films were approved, and three were released;

897 games of different kinds were produced.

Winning many awards

In the selection carried out by the National Radio and Television Administration, six made-in-Hangzhou animation works won the award of quarterly high-quality animated work, the largest number among similar cities in China;

Mini Town (season ), and Rainbow Chicks (season ) were selected as "excellent works aired overseas"; Mini Town (season ) and Shuke Beita (season ) won the award of "2020 excellent animation works";

At the 4th Animation Award of Chinese Government Award of Culture and Art, The Dream of Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains in Xiajiang Village and Stories of the Red Boat were nominated for "the best animation work", and Hangzhou AU Culture & Technologies Co., Ltd., was nominated for "the best animation team";

17 works were selected as the part of the Topic Selection Plan for Literary and Artistic Works of Radio, Television and Online Audio-visual Programs During the 14th Five-Year Plan of Zhejiang Province;

The China Academy of Art's work Hippocampus won the "Crystal Award" in the students' graduation creation unit of Annecy International Animation Film Festival;

6 Hangzhou ACG enterprises including Zoland Animation, Electronic Soul, Netease Thunder Fire, Top Bright, Jedi Games, and Meisheng Culture were selected as national cultural export enterprises (2021-2022), and “Zhijiang No.1” Digital Animation Platform for AI Performance was selected as a national key cultural export project.

A gathering of established enterprises

With ACG enterprises such as Zoland Animation, Electronic Soul, Netease Thunder Fire, Versatile Media, Sparkly Key and Shunwang Technology serving as the mainstay, Hangzhou has deepened integrated application of new digital technologies like 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) in ACG;

it has continue to attract established enterprises to settle in Hangzhou. As a result, Wanda Kids Place and Light Chaser Animation have settled here, and ByteDance Games has settled in Binjiang District.

Red culture Animation

Hangzhou launched an animation collection and exhibition under the theme of "Always Follow the Communist Party of China: Tribute to the CPC for the Centenary of Its Founding in the Form of Revolutionary Anime", receiving more than 1,400 works from all over the country;

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