CICAF Establishes Presence in WCM Online

2022-05-12 09:20:00

Recently, the China International Cartoon & Animation Festival (CICAF)

took part in the 

World Content Market

(WCM) Online 2022

Brand influence of China Pavilion is enhanced

The platform effect is being magnified

China Pavilion joined hands with 18 outstanding Chinese companies, including CICAF, China International Television Corporation, SMG, Zhejiang Zoland, Future TV, Zhejiang Huace Media, Hangzhou IX Media, China Transpirit Language Services and participated in this WCM Online. China Pavilion is the largest national pavilion among the 5 national pavilions (China Pavilion, South Korea Pavilion, Brazil Pavilion, Indonesia Pavilion, and Armenia Pavilion).

China Pavilion secures three prominent advertising spots on the home page of the WCM Online in English and Russian

The Chinese companies in this year's exhibition cover market entities in all aspects of the industrial chain, including radio and television stations, new media platforms, film and television production agencies, overseas distribution agencies, animation agencies, festivals and exhibition agencies, technical service platforms, and translation service agencies.

These Chinese agencies showcased about 120 outstanding Chinese productions, including 53 TV series, 35 animations, 13 TV programs, 10 films and 5 documentaries. They not only brought more than 100 rich and wonderful film and TV productions to the content buyers in the Russian-speaking region but also comprehensively demonstrated China's diversified film and TV industry services to the film and TV agencies in the region, building a comprehensive platform for future in-depth cooperation. 

It is worth mentioning that in this online exhibition, the China Pavilion introduced the background and content of CICAF to the international animation industry and audiences from all over the world in the form of video and text through a special webpage.

Multi-genre works compete with each other to present a feast for overseas audiences.

On May 10, a collection of 16 works of various genres was brought to the official WCM Online platform by the Chinese exhibitors of the China Pavilion. 

Animation works include Lotta's Go Go Dino 7: Explorers, Youku Children's Bigfoot Dinosaur FamilyZoland's Betsy The Beer Car, Aniworld TV(Golden Eagle cartoon)'s Micah and His Friends, Fanta Wild’s Boonie Bears: Back to Earth, Left Pocket Studio’s Amy Gollum Nature Class, Reesee’s Pioneer Power Team, Perfect World Animation's Cosmicrew: Storm Power, etc. The diverse film and animation content not only presents China's thriving film and culture industry to overseas counterparts but also provides overseas buyers with a rich selection of film sources.

Video of Exhibitors' Works Presentation-Animation

As an "old friend" of Chinese comics,

WCM has participated

in previous sessions of CICAF

and the 2021 Cloud ACG Industry Trade Fair.

Here, I'll take you

 through the details!

About WCM

WCM is one of the largest media exhibitions in the Russian-speaking region held on the territory of Russia. It is mainly for the Russian-speaking content market, with an average of 1,200 participants from more than 40 countries and regions and over 500 companies every year. Since 2020, due to COVID-19, WCM has been held online.

WCM 2022 (English Channel)

Due to the pandemic and other factors, WCM will continue to be held online this year. On May 10, WCM 2022 (WCM Online) officially opened its two official online exhibition channels in English ( and Russian (, which will run until August 10. About 850 companies from 42 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, of which about 71% came from Russia, 10% from other CIS countries, 11% from Europe and the United States, and 9% from Asia, and the European, American and Asian exhibitors were largely sellers. 

Page of China Pavilion

Shanghai SMG Pictures and Shanghai WingsMedia were entrusted by the State Council Information Office and the National Radio and Television Administration to host the China Pavilion online exhibition area and organize a series of activities for promotion meetings and exhibitions.


Many WCM highlights in 2022

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A three-month display will be offered. 
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