China Cartoon and Animation Museum to solicit collections worldwide

2018-03-30 05:59:46

China Cartoon and Animation Museum, the first national animation museum in the country, is a key construction project in Hangzhou for the 13th Five-Year Plan. For better construction, the museum has launched an activity soliciting collections worldwide. It will raise all kinds of collections related to comics and animations from all walks of life in and out of the country in the long term, and welcome enthusiasts to provide solicitation clues. The museum will establish a strict management and supervision system for permanent preservation of the collections. The Matters are hereby announced as follows:

I. Solicitation contents

(1) Animation works:Manuscripts, sketches, celluloid films, scripts and play scripts, video and audio programs,stop motion animation character scene props of various periods at home and abroad; 

(2) Animation creators, backgrounds and tidbits: Photos, letters, recordings, interviews, compositions, honors of animation master at home and abroad;

(3) Animation technology and equipment: Animation equipment for each period at home and abroad, including master tapes (film tapes), shooting apparatus, blank celluloid films, locators, comic creation appliances and carriers ;

(4) Animation related publications: newspapers and magazines, literature books, posters, tickets, comic series, pamphlets, periodicals, bills, documents; 

(5) Others: Comic and animated game derivatives and materials and articles of great commemorative and preservation values. 

II. Solicitation principles and methods

(1)Donations follow the principle of voluntariness.

(2) The museum protects the legitimate rights and interests of donors, and may enter into corresponding agreements with the donors regarding the type, quantity and use of the donated collections, to clarify the rights, responsibilities and obligations of both parties. 

(3) Those who donate high value collections will be granted with donation certificates and material rewards. 

(4) Donors may have the priority to the use of donated items free of charge.

(5) The donors may supervise and inquire into the work and management procedures of the museum regarding the donated collections. 

III. Solicitation time and contact information

(1) Collection solicitation is a long-term task in the museum. From the date of the announcement of this notice, all the above ways and policies for soliciting collection are valid for a long time.

(2) The collection owners can contact us by telephone, letter, online message or interview. The objects identified as having collection value can be transferred by mail, e-mail and directly to the museum. Under special circumstances, the museum can send staff to collect at the donor’s house. Solicitation can be used to donate, copy, deposit and so on. Solicitation may be made by donation, copying, or depositing.

(3) Contact information:

Address: Animation museum preparation department, No. 36 Chaijiawu, Changhe Town, Binjiang District, Hangzhou 

Zip code: 310000

Solicitation contact persons: Wang Yuan, Liao Lingyan

Contact information: 0571-85099239, 0571-85084172


                     13575720303, 13588057260