World's largest comic competition comes to China, SMA in grand start

2018-03-30 06:19:22

On March 17 2018, Silent Manga Audition (SMA)  Organizing Committee held a press conference in Shanghai, announcing that the world’s largest global cartoon competition, SMA, had come to China. SMA originates from cartoon tycoon Japan. Since 2012, it has been held for 10 consecutive sessions, as well as two special competitions with the theme of supporting people’s reconstruction in areas affected by major natural disasters. Ever since the first session, in just five years, over 3,000 cartoon lovers from 106 countries have taken part in the SMA. SMA has received more than 5,000 entries, totaling over 70,000 pages. 

In 2018, M Society and JFC will work closely with North Stars Pictures (NSP) to hold the first session of Silent Manga Audition China. The event will adhere to the idea of SMA, to look for the “primary stone” of the Chinese comics sector, and help them become world-class comics stars of the future. 

During the SMA process, M Society will also work with NSP to expand the channels of publishing works in Japan for Chinese excellent cartoonists participating in the competition. At the same time, it will cooperate with masters Nobuhiko Horie, Tsukasa Hojo, Tetsuo Hara to set up comic studios in China, to provide more complete editing and brokerage system support for rising comic stars in China.