Sino-British Film and Television Animation Innovation and Cooperation Forum held in Hangzhou

2018-03-30 06:44:52

On March 21, the 2018 Sino-British Film and Television Animation Innovation and Cooperation Forum and University of Bournemouth Festival of Learning Hangzhou Stop were officially unveiled in the Dream Town of Yuhang District of Hangzhou. The activities were co-sponsored by the British University of Bournemouth, International Education Alliance For Creative Industries (IEACI) and South Dreamcube, and jointly organized by the school of film and television and animation art under China Academy of Art, Zhejiang Institute of Communication, Oriental DreamWorks, Versatile and Culture Creation New Forces.

"Creative talents drive the digital economy" was the theme of the forum. The forum was held to probe into the positive influence of industry-university-research connectivity on the cultivation of creative industry talents, exchange ideas on the characteristics of China and Britain in talent landing and introduction, promote greater cross-border exchanges and international cooperation between the two sides, and realize further cooperation and innovation in the internationalization of digital industry.

The British delegation was headed by Bill Cotton, Deputy Mayor, Executive Director for Environment and Economy, Bournemouth. The special guests included Shelley Page, a senior consultant for international animation talents and senior talent adviser of China’s Huayi Brothers Finishing Animation Studio, American Netflix Animation Studio, British Animation Studio, and Russian Wizart Animation Studio, who came to the scene and shared ideas on the theme.

A dozen of experts from the University of Bournemouth were also present. They included Dr. Samantha Leahy-Harland, Director of the Office of international Cooperation; Guy Starkey,Vice President of International Cooperation in the School of Media and Communication; Milena Bobeva, Vice President of International Cooperation in the School of Management; Alastair Morrison, Manager of the Department for International Cooperation and Development; Lydia Chen, Director of the Office of International Admissions; Peter Truckel,Director of BFX and Visual Effects Centre; Yu Hongnian, Professor of the Institute of Science and Technology; and Yang Xiaosong, Associate Professor of the School of Computer Animation School.

In addition to the Bournemouth University experts delegation, British creative media company Crowd also sent representatives including the general manager to visit and attend the forum. Representatives of the Cultural and Creative Office of Yuhang District, Chinese universities and enterprises were also present in the forum.