Eaglet Plan Visits the "Most Powerful Brain"

2018-09-28 02:40:18

Recently, the Eaglet Plan research team visited Hangzhou INNOW Creative & Technology Co. Ltd. (INNOW), which is located in the design center of Liangzhu Mengqi Town, Yuhang.


On August 18, 2016, INNOW officially settled in Mengqi Town of Yuhang. INNOW general manager Su Huan said that the animation and game industry in Hangzhou has a very good atmosphere. China International Cartoon & Animation Festival (CICAF) is a most welcome great platform. Therefore, he is reassured to develop animation in the city of Hangzhou. At the same time, Mengqi Town is mainly engaged in design, and Liangzhu has a long cultural history, so creative design is promising here. Soon after it settled in the town, in February 2017, INNOW was identified as the cultural creativity public service platform in Yuhang district.


On the one hand, the team relies on the scientific research resources of the film and animation game research center and the cultural creativity research center of the school of humanities, Zhejiang University. On the other hand, INNOW is a main carrier base of the animation game professional committee of China Film Review Society, and China Animation Derivatives Design Center. Having made many successful cases, INNOW sets out with the "Chinese Character Series Project", developing works and products. The "Chinese Character Series Project" focuses on Chinese characters, the most representative element in Chinese culture. It is a series of projects covering Chinese character culture documentaries, games, comics, animations and derivatives.


The Key of Chinese Character, an animated documentary series in the project, will be rolled out in succession in the series of "Ancient Mythology," “Chinese Surname,” "Literature and Art," “Traditional Folklore,” and "Architectural Objects". Through telling witty stories, it opens up the vast treasure house of Chinese culture with the magic key of Chinese characters. To date, INNOW has reached early intentions of cooperation with multiple broadcast platforms including iQIYI, Migu Digital Entertainment, and Yanhua Media. It is conducting in-depth negotiations with HBO, in the hope of telling Chinese stories and spreading Chinese culture to the world through HBO's global platform.