Dubbing + Derivatives, Hangzhou Animation Company Wins with Secret Weapon

2018-09-28 03:13:46


Recently, the Eaglet Plan research team visited Shunxin Cultural Development Co. Ltd. This emerging company, benefiting from the strong atmosphere of the "capital of animation", has successfully leveraged a new growth point of the animation game economy with the dubbing and derivatives.

During the 13th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival (CICAF), Shunxin Cultural Development officially established ties with CICAF. On April 28, 2017, at the press conference of "Hearing the Future," where it released its cultural strategy, Shunxin Cultural Development announced to take the 2D culture as the core, rely on the sound, center on Shunxin pan-entertainment movie animation town as the main carrier, develop the businesses of animated films and TV drama production, animation derivatives development, voice actor team training, variety show programs, theater performance and artist brokerage, and get devoted to building 2D pan-entertainment cultural industry ecological circle. At the 14th CICAF, Shunxin Cultural Development hosted the voice actor competition and the wild sound season animation concert, adding glamour to the animation festival.


The signed performers of Shunxin Youyou present a pyramid structure. Those standing at the top are the big shots in the Chinese dubbing sector, such as Shang Hong, Shen Lei and Huang Ying. The familiar voices of Bai Zihua in The Journey of Flower, He Min in Harry Potter, and Locki in Marvel's The Avengers are all dubbed by them.

In addition to the dubbing brokerage service, Shunxin Cultural Development has also set its eyes on the development of derivatives. With an intention to make the best products, Shunxin Cultural Development set up Shunxin Interactive Entertainment, a copyright derivatives brand hosting platform with design as the core driving force and full support of international great design masters MAGICIAN·MARK, BIILY WONG and Li Jialin. DNF pot humidifier, Deadpool knife holder, Thor toolbox, Star Wars  Darth Vader toothpick box, have brought “IP” into the life of fans. At present, Shunxin Cultural Development has cooperated with well-known domestic animation and game companies including Tencent Game, NetEase Game, Biligame, The Secret of Grave Robber and established a complete derivatives development industry chain covering design, production, sales and marketing.