China International
Cartoon & Animation Festival

Master Class

28 Apr 14:00 - 17:10

ANDREW MILLSTEIN, Walt Disney Animation Studio President, Producer
MARK OSBORNE, Two-time Academy Award nominated, and one-time Grammy nominated director
MELISSA COBB Oriental DreamWorks Chief Creative Officer and Head of Studio

Banquet Hall B, Jianguo Hotel,Hangzhou

28 Apr 14:00 - 17:10

Time & Location: 14: 00-17: 10, April 27, 2016   Banquet Hall B, Jianguo Hotel

What’s New: Disney & Oriental DreamWorks---World famous animation giants meet together to share the secrets behind blockbusters with you (Individual Speech & Panel Discussion)!


Admission Tickets: RMB100 Yuan/ Person

Tickets Booking: Tickets Booking: download the application form and follow the description. 

Moderator: WANG Lei

Associate Professor of animation,

Deputy Dean of the School of Animation and Digital Arts, Communication University of China 


Master 1: Andrew Millstein, Walt Disney Animation Studio President, Producer

Topic: Disney Animation and Story Behind Zootopia

Time: 14:00-15:00, April 28


Master 2: Mark Osborne, Filmmaker, two-time Academy Award nominated, Grammy nominated, Annie Award and César Award winning director of: Kung Fu Panda, MORE, The Little Prince, and the live action sequences from The Spongebob Squarepants Movie and TV series.

Topic: To Be Confirmed


Master 3:Melissa Cobb ,Oriental DreamWorks Chief Creative Officer and Head of Studio

Topic: To Be Confirmed

Time: 15:10-17:10, April 28