10.81 million people! 1.485 billion yuan!

On the afternoon of June 24th, the 19th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival (CICAF) achievement briefing was held in Hangzhou, and the five-day annual animation event came to a successful conclusion. 

At the briefing, Huang Haifeng, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee, Director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee, and Director of the CICAF Executive Committee, attended and announced the closing of the Festival. Luo Weihong, Deputy Director of Hangzhou Municipal People's Congress and Deputy Director of the CICAF Executive Committee, attended the meeting. At the debriefing, representatives from the Moscow Export Center of Russia, Uncle Dayou, Younuo Animation, and animation fanciers shared their experiences during the festival. 

According to the initial statistics, The five-day expo attracted 567 companies and institutions from 67 countries and regions. A total of 10.81 million people visited the expo online and onsite. The intended transaction volume for the agreements signed at the expo amounted nearly 1.5 billion yuan.  With the theme of "the City of Animation and the City of Asian Games", the Animation Festival this year has become a grand warm-up event for Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, with famous artists, animation companies, and animation lovers from home and abroad joining the event. 

The significant improvement of  CICAFinternationalization

With participants from 67 countries and regions

This year's animation festival is based on the purpose of "creating an animation event and festival for all people". It comprises five categories of events including exhibition, forum, business, competition, and activity, totaling 105 projects. The total exhibition area of the main venue and sub-venues is 65,000 square meters, which is larger than the previous events

As of June 24th, 2,305 exhibitors and professionals representing 567 Chinese and overseas companies and organizations from 67 countries and regions, including the United States, Russia, and Japan, participated in the Festival. 

The Russian Animation Film Association and Moscow Export Center invited a 37-member group of 15 companies to participate in the festival for in-depth exchanges and cooperation with China; the creators of the latest Pixar animation film "Elemental" of Disney with its 100 years of history gave a speech in the master session of the Festival; the "Belt and Road" theme exhibition area gathered companies and works from 11 countries and regions, such as Iran, Singapore, etc. 

Ms. Lyudmila Pikalov, the representative of the Marketing Department of the Moscow Export Center, shared her speech at the achievement briefing. 

The "Golden Monkey Award" competition received 620 entries from 15 countries and regions while the "Tianyan Cup" Children's Cartoon Competition received 17,964 entries from 14 countries and regions, with overseas entries accounting for 12%. The internationalization of the Festival has basically been resumed to the previous level before COVID-19  pandemic

"Golden Monkey Award" Gold Award for Animation Series "Yao-Chinese Folktales" 

"Golden Monkey Award" Gold Award for Comprehensive Cartoon Work "The Ballad of Mulan". 

Ten million people participated in the Festival
Presenting new highlights and sharing with all

During the five-day event,  comic fans from all over the country, especially from the Yangtze River Delta, dressed up and traveling to Hangzhou in costume. Hangzhou not only launched anime-themed flights, anime subways and buses, but also decorated the city with road flags, anime light boxes, and 250 outdoor screens in order to create a festive atmosphere. Combined with the Dragon Boat Festival and Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, CICAF cooperated with Fang Hui Chun Tang and Deshou Palace in developing co-branded products, which were well received by the public. 

In addition to venues for the major event and parallel events of the Festival, the city also set up six sub-venues in Shangcheng, Gongshu, Xiaoshan, Yuhang, Lin'an, and Jiande, and held a series of popular animation experience activities, such as animation car parade, Dongchao Animation Parade, Daxiang Town Art Festival, and Xixi animation dragon boat race, and also opened the online platform of "National Comic on Cloud". 

Among the 10.81 million visitors,  the number of onsite visitors reaches 955,000, and the number of visitors to the main and parallel venues is 213,000. The Festival has become a "dream paradise" for all people to experience the joy of animation and a "poetic dreamland" for animation lovers. 

New achievements in exhibition 

1.485 billion intended turnover 

The festival insisted on achieving both social benefits and industrial benefits. The performance of the exhibition has reached a new level. 

During the exhibition, cutting-edge technologies in the field of animation, such as naked-eye 3D effect devices, metaverse technology, and AI digital human, were gathered. Meanwhile, domestic and foreign animation head companies, such as Disney, Sony, CCTV, Shanghai Movie Studio, Shenzhen Huaqiang, and Zoland Animation, were invited. The continuous high popularity brought a constant flow of fortune. 

The  International Animation & Game Business Conference (iABC) attracted 4682 people from 448 Chinese and overseas companies and organizations to participate in 16 professional activities, conducted 3,538 1-to-1 meetings, and reached an intentional turnover of 189 million yuan onsite in only two days; 

The "Golden Monkey Award" finalists' cross-border cooperation matchmaking meeting attracted 39 platforms and companies such as iQiyi and Tencent. 13 industrial projects were signed on the award site, with an intended amount of RMB 10.7 million; 

The special event of 100 Chinese Online Literary Works And IP Through Train in the New Era facilitated 6 cooperation projects with an amount of more than RMB 100 million; Zhejiang Digital Culture International Cooperation Zone released 18 projects, with an intentional signing amount of RMB 1.186 billion. The total intentional signing amount of this year's Animation Festival was RMB 1.485 billion.

The new trend of Chinese comics and traditional cultural elements
Chinese cultural confidence has reached new heights

In this year's Animation Festival, Chinese comics withtraditional cultural elements have become distinctive new highlights. Animation is currently perceived as the carrier to inherit excellent Chinese traditional culture. The National Radio and Television Administration held an award ceremony for outstanding works on socialist core values and a dialogue forum between China and Russia at the Festival; the Cultural Reform Office of the Ministry of Publicity invited 80 "Original Power" award-winning works to be showcased at the Festival; the "Golden Monkey Award" organized by the China Central Radio and Television (CCTV) launched a special award for the "Revolutionary Animation Award". The China National Style Brand Festival showcased the beauty of history and culture with the theme of "Tide of the Chinese Style and Poetry with Elegant Rhythm". 

China Cartoon & Animation Museum in Hangzhou launched an animation shadow exhibition to showcase the ancient shadow art; cartoonists Zhu Deyong, Murong Yindao, Ye Luying, and Lin Dihuan held cartoon lectures and cartoon exhibitions to advocate cartoons, which aim to heal modern people through cartoons; "Clean Asian Games" culture cartoon exhibition, anti-fraud cartoon IP image launched by the Municipal Public Security Bureau and other series of activities were also held to promote the new style and positive spirit in the form of animation. 

Network literature writer Guan Pingchao said: "At the animation festival, both the exhibitors and those who visited the exhibition looked happy and had a great time. And there are more and more cosplayers wearing hanfu in these years, cultural confidence has been reflected in these young people." 

500 million views and 5 times as a hot topic on Weibo 
News publicity creates a new force 

The Festival attracted a total of 577 journalists from 45 mainstream media and 43 new media to participate in the coverage. CCTV sent 71 reporters from 11 channels, including news channels, international channels, and children's channels, and published 110 articles in brand columns such as "CCTV News", "Evening News" and "Live News". 


People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China Daily, China News Service, Zhejiang Daily, Hangzhou Daily, and other mainstream media have reported on the Festival. The national learning platform "Xuexi Qiangguo" has opened special features to make recommendations. In the meantime, "ZTV" and "Trend News" have set up special features to cover it. The view number of related topics on Douyin exceeded 160 million, the number on Weibo exceeded 320 million, and the number of the whole network exceeded 500 million. 

Among them, 2 topics such as "Golden Monkey Award unveiled" and "Chinese Style in the Dragon Boat Festival" were among hot topics on the national platform; 3 topics such as "The wind in Hangzhou in June is of national style" were among the most searched hashtags related to Hangzhou on Weibo. 

French cartoonist Christian said in an interview: "When I applied for a visa, I found out that people at the consulate knew about CICAF and wanted to shake hands and take pictures with me when they heard that I was a jury member of the Golden Monkey Award. CICAF is already well known in the world." 

Good reputation for zero accidents or complaints 
Onsite staff become popular 

During the festival, different organizations related to the city's public security and traffic police, firefighting, healthcare, emergency control, Internet information, urban management, market supervision, the Youth League, and volunteer service centers, as well as the city's bus group, metro group and three major operators including telecommunications, China Mobile and China Unicom, sent more than 14,000 front-line staff.

Leaders in all districts and counties (cities) attached great importance to the organization of sub-venues and related series of activities. Hangzhou Newspaper Group, Hangzhou Wenguang Group, and Wasu Group organized intensive coverage to publicize the grand event of the Animation Festival and create a positive atmosphere of public opinion. The festival was held in an overall smooth and orderly manner, achieving zero accidents and zero complaints. 23 problems collected from various channels had been solved, with a 98.8% satisfaction rate of visitors and a 97.6% satisfaction rate of exhibitors and customers. 

Netizen "Little Penguin Rice Ball" commented, "At the Festival, we saw many beautifully-dressed cosers and national style fans. But I thought the most beautiful scenery is composed by those policemen, security staff, and volunteers who're working hard.

The 19th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival came to an end, but Hangzhou will not stop building itself as an "International Capital of Animation". China International Cartoon & Animation Festival will never end in this city. In 2024, let's meet at the 20th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival!