Hangzhou Animation Companies Showcase in First Yangtze River Delta Intl Cultural Industries Fair

2018-12-05 05:46:38

The first Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industries Fair is ceremoniously opened at the Shanghai Exhibition Center today.

Hangzhou Earmarks Tens of Millions Yuan to Benefit Animation and Game Industry Companies

2018-12-05 05:42:44

Recently, the special fund subsidies for animation and game businesses in Hangzhou for 2018 had formally entered the disbursement process.

CICAF Seeks Overseas “Folk Ambassadors”

2018-11-30 03:06:21

Animation is an international language, regardless of national boundaries and ages.

Supernova Awards Has Cultivated China’s Largest Cartoonist Tribe in 12 Years

2018-11-30 03:04:02

On November 3, the award ceremony of Supernova Awards, China's largest original story cartoon competition, was held in Mengqi Town, Hangzhou City.

Hangzhou Animated Film Have a Nice Day Contends for Oscar Best Animated Feature Film

2018-11-30 03:01:22

Two Chinese language animated films, Have a Nice Day from Hangzhou, and On Happiness Road from Taiwan, were submitted to compete with 23 other animated feature films from around the world.

Recruitment for Partners of 15th CICAF China COSPLAY Super Festival Domestic Parallel Venues

2018-11-30 02:51:38

In 2018, the 14th China COSPLAY Super Festival set up 25 parallel venues in Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Heilongjiang, Gansu and Xinjiang, and seven parallel venues in the Netherlands, Spain, Hungary, France, Switzerland, Austria and Poland.

Original Elaborate Works are the Vitality of Animation Companies

2018-11-30 02:48:23

This year, the Hangzhou animation industry has created a number of "elaborate works of the year", and made "created in Hangzhou" stand on a higher international stage.

Hua Yu: I Help Chinese Animation to Go Global in Germany

2018-11-30 02:44:04

Hua Yu did not expect the German study exchange program at the age of 16 had changed the course of his life.