C.A.K.E TALK - MASTER I Is Here for You

2019-04-19 12:44:00

From April 30 to May 1, the 15th CICAF Cartoon & Animation Industry Summit Forums are about to make their splendid appearances.

Guests for the Upcoming C.A.K.E. TALK - YOUNG

2019-04-19 12:23:00

C.A.K.E. TALK – YOUNG aims at the innovation and new expression of creative ideas, animation content, production, technology, distribution, operation and other aspects in animation industry and related cross-border field.

Leaving Your Steps to Bring Lusters to the 15th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival

2019-04-19 12:15:00

That year, Borivoj Dovnikovic, Co-founder of International Animated Film Association (ASIFA) cited Hangzhou for being “the most beautiful city that harbors the most creative industry” during his participation.

The "Avenger" elements and must-see bonus scenes offered

2019-04-19 11:58:00

These days, the pre-sale box office record of The Avengers 4, a Marvel blockbuster, is being broken continually.

What a Beautiful City Hangzhou Has Become over 15 years Efforts in Animation

2019-04-15 11:28:00

15 years ago, Hangzhou held a “cartoon and animation carnival “for all the cartoon fans around the world.

This International Animation Festival Brings What You Really Want!

2019-04-15 10:58:00

On the afternoon of March 30, the news conference on the 30-day countdown of the 15th China International Animation Festival was held at the Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University.

Zoland Animation: Keeping its root while reaching for the world

2019-04-15 10:53:00

Rubi Yoyo and Magic Eye of Zoland Animation are both classic animation works popular among children. They also stand for the city of Hangzhou.

This Ideological Animation Followed by Innumerable Fans is Made in Hangzhou

2019-03-26 06:50:12

Recently, The Leader, a domestic original animation, has attracted innumerable fans. This animation has been viewed for over 6 million times after being released in for less than a month.