Hangzhou Celebrates Spring Festival with "Most Beautiful Builder" at "Animation Symphony

2019-02-02 14:33:29

As the Chinese Spring Festival approach, the Animation Symphony Concert was staged in splendor at Hangzhou Grand Theatre.

The Leader, Chinese Original Animation on Karl Marx, Goes Viral Online It's made in Hangzhou.

2019-02-02 14:30:46

Recently, a trailer of less than two minutes of The Leader, an animated film produced in Hangzhou, was aired on the Internet. It harvested numerous passionate confessions from netizens at home and abroad.

Lin Jiayi: I hope to Develop Chinese Animation to Higher Stage in the World

2019-02-02 14:08:45

Lin Jiayi, a 21-year-old Malaysian Chinese girl, won the Gold Award and Shueisha Special Award with her work Passing on Hope. She has thus become an emerging star in the cartoon and animation sector.

Top 10 Highlights of Hangzhou Animation in 2018

2019-01-14 07:32:21

In 2018, China celebrated the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up. Hangzhou animation industry also yielded fruitful results over the past year.

Tell Good Chinese Stories to Highlight Chinese Style

2019-01-09 08:10:21

The High-end Forum on Film and TV Animation Innovation and Derivative Development of Chinese Traditional Culture was officially unveiled in Liangzhu Mengqi Town, Yuhang District, on December 24.

COSPLAY Greets New Year in Capital of Animation

2019-01-09 08:04:05

From December 30 of 2018 to January 1 of 2019, China (Hangzhou) COSPLAY Cultural Festival, will be unveiled in the Binjiang White Horse Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center.

"West Lake Animation" Shows Loving Care for Children

2019-01-09 07:57:23

"West Lake Animation” Shows Loving Care for "Children of the Stars" Capital of animation empowers public good with the power of art

Hangzhou Held 2018 Animation, Games, E-sports Forum

2019-01-08 03:28:10

On December 8, 2018, the 2018 Hangzhou Animation, Games and E-sports Forum was held in the city of Hangzhou.