About Hangzhou Summit

2008 International Cartoon & Animation Alliance Hangzhou Summit

“The most creative business in the most beautiful place in the world." Representatives of 12 well-known animation festival organizing committees from 10 countries (including China) witnessed the friendship and cooperation between internationally renowned animation festivals in Hangzhou. On the morning of April 30, 2008, at the Hangzhou Summit, Wang Guoping, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Municipal Party Committee, and Jin Delong, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the State Administration of Press and Publication, Radio, TV, Film and Television presented the “White Paper on International Animation Festivals in The 21st Century” to the festivals. Cai Qi, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of the Hangzhou, issued the "Hangzhou World Cartoon & Animation Festivals Mutual Help Declaration", which advocates the cooperation between world animation festivals.

Ye Ming said in his welcome speech that the holding of animation festival in Hangzhou and development of the animation industry is still in the cradle, we shall not only learn from domestic sister cities, but also learn from countries in the world. It is hoped that by holding a summit, sharing platform and mutually beneficial and win-win mechanism will be created, to promote exchanges and cooperation among animation festivals in various countries, and jointly promote the development of the world animation industry. We also hope to make more friends through this platform, increase understanding, deepen friendship, and make due contributions to strengthening international cultural exchanges and building a harmonious world.

The “White Paper on International Animation Festivals in The 21st Century” released for the first time is a new achievement of international animation industry cooperation and world animation and cultural exchanges. It has accurately recorded the relevant history and status quo of the international animation festivals, showed the vision for the future development of animation festivals in various countries, provided precious materials for the study of international animation festivals and cartoon industry, and provided successful experience for the healthy development of China International Animation Festival.

Via signing of “Hangzhou World Anime Festival Mutual Help Declaration”, we advocate the establishment of alliance of animation festivals in various countries, establishment of creative platform, academic research and exchange platform, and information exchange mechanism, and we shall regularly hold exchange meetings in turn, and cooperate in exhibitions and program shows. Through cooperation, the creation and development of world cartoons will be promoted so that more animators, cartoons, and people will benefit from it.