About Hangzhou Summit

About International Cartoon & Animation Alliance Hangzhou Summit

During 12 years from 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 to 2018, International Cartoon & Animation Alliance Hangzhou Summit has been successfully held for six editions, and we will usher in the 7th session in this April 2018. This April, we invite the world’s top animation festivals and exhibitions to gather together in Hangzhou around the great thinking of “Belt and Road”. This is the collision of ideas and wisdom, allowing you to experience the charm of masters and understand the latest trends in animation around the world.

As time passes by, Hangzhou Summit has invited 75 (times) international animation festivals and 23 national, provincial and municipal leaders, and has achieved five major cooperation achievements: “White Paper on International Animation Festivals in The 21st Century”, “Hangzhou Mutual Proclamation of International Animation Festival", "Memorandum of Understanding", "Mutual Cooperation Agreement" and established International Animation Festival Hangzhou Club.

According to incomplete statistics, there are the following international animation festivals (in no particular order) coming to Hangzhou to participate in the Summit: Association Internationale du Film d'Animation (ASIFA), World Festival of Animated Film - ANIMAFEST ZAGREB (ANIMAFEST), Ottawa International Animation Festival ( OIAF), Annecy International Animation Film Festival (ANNECY), MIPTV/MIPCOM, Angoulême International Comics Festival (FIDB), Kecskemet Animation Film Festival (KAFF), Sino-British Cultural Creativity Festival (China International Animation Festival UK Sub-Station), ANIFILM International Festival of Animated Films, ANIMA Córdoba International Animation Festival (ANIMA), Future Film Festival (FFF), i Castelli Animati Festival, Platform International Animation Festival (PLATFORM), Teheran International Animation Festival, ANIMA Brussels Animation Film Festival (ANIMA), Portuguese International Animation Festival, Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF), Bradford Animation Festival (BAF), Holland International Animation Festival (HAFF), KROK International Animated Film Festival (KROK), New Zealand Animation Revelations, New Zealand Otago South Island Filmmakers Association, Screen Australia, Cape Town International Animation Festival (CTIAF), Madrid Japan Weekend, SIGGRAPH ASIA, World Content Market (WCM), Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAFF), Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF), Asia Content & Entertainment Fair Gwangju (ACF Fair), Bucheon International Animation Festival (BIAF) and many more. Through the signing of “Mutual Cooperation Agreement”, we have tied strategic partnership with some of the festivals. Each year, we send staff to participate in each other's animation festivals. We also reached consensus and put into practice in giving speeches at forums, academic exchanges, works competitions, masterpiece screenings, booth exchanges, and business affairs and other aspects.

Over the years, through Hangzhou Summit’s role of bridge, animation and game companies in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province have gradually entered the international market. "Becoming global" is gradually becoming an important choice for the transformation and upgrading of Hangzhou’s animation and game companies. At present, a number of animation companies such as Zoland and Versatile have set up branches overseas and continue to explore the international market. Zoland, Versatile, Sparkly Key, 66UU, Steam Works and other companies have signed various agreements with foreign countries on the rights of film and animation drama series, derivatives agency, public release, principal guaranteed accounts settlement, and drama investment.